General Technical Information

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Product Engineering Guide Our product engineering guide includes descriptions and models of all products.
General Product Literature Our General Product literature gives a brief overview of our entire product line, and includes our article on optimizing your chemical dosing system.
California's Proposition 65 Primary Fluid Systems has determined that our products do not require warning labels for use in the State of California.
Compliance with various International Technical Directives Primary Fluid Systems has reviewed a number of international technical directives which may be applicable to its products in order to determine compliance.
Typical Installation Diagram Our Typical Installation Diagram provides an example of how our products may be used or installed.
Chemical Resistance Guide Our Chemical Resistance Guide is a reference manual for chemical compatibility with the various thermoplastic, metallic, and elastomer materials we use.
Temperature Correction Factors for Thermoplastics Thermoplastics decrease in tensile strength as temperature increases, and this chart details the factors for each thermoplastic we carry.
Pressure Relief Valve vs. Pressure Safety Relief Valve Pressure Relief Valves and Pressure Safety Relief Valves are designed for different applications, and their distinguishing features are outlined here.
Finger Tightening Instructions for Plastic Joints Over-tightening plastic joints will damage the fittings. Please read these instructions for advice on how to properly tighten plastic joints to avoid damage.
Accu-Pulse Torque Specifications Torque specifications for each Accu-Pulse size, bladder material, and band/bolt type.
Recommendations for Sodium Hypochlorite Applications It is a common issue in our industry that sodium hypochlorite applications can result in leaks. Please read this letter for advice on how to prevent or resolve this issue.
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The embedded video demonstrates the cost-savings of implementing metering pump accessories within your chemical dosing system.